[dream machine] :: a system to capture and share dream experiences. often the first interaction with technology is our alarm clock in the morning, and ever more often people use their smart phone as their alarm clock. the dream machine utilizes this early morning trigger - the snooze button is a color map that the user clicks to capture a “mood” or feeling of their dream. users’s can also use voice-to-text to record notes or details about their dream, or simply type in further information.

additionally, a commercial product EEG headband records brainwave activity at night and transmits data via bluetooth to the mobile device. the mobile device in turn transmits all this data to a web app that visualizes personal dream information (which can be view in real-time on the mobile device).

individual users can compare their dreams to others on the platform. and the community can find patterns in dream experiences as a doppler map of the world, or by connections to themselves with others.

[you are what you eat] :: a nanochip embedded pill that rest in the user’s intestinal lining after ingestion. the chip can communicate to the user’s mobile device and relays information it senses such as caloric consumption, nutritional breakdown of food, etc. the user can view this information in real-time on their phone. the application sends triggers when the user’s behavior sets off certain parameters — such as long term goal reminders, progress reports, or suggestions for activities/restaurants pulled in from APIs like yelp.

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