[quantified self] :: mindfulness pills and real-time mobile sensors

[nancy dougherty] :: mindfulness pills

dougherty’s system is a powerful use of the placebo effect and micro-feedback loops. and adding an layer of engineering magic she tagged microchips to the pills themselves that transmitted information to her mobile device. dougherty’s is a great example of using triggers and real-time visualization to increase motivation. but her study also marks the power of mindfulness; she states that emotional rewards from the pill led her to a belief of her ability to control emotions.

[mzd] :: real-time mobile sensors (RTMS)

awesome. mzd’s project from last year at ITP stood out to me. RTMS is an open mobile platform that gathers sensors in real-time via bluetooth and transmits that data back to an android device, the phone pushes data to the web, where it is managed, unpackaged, can be plugget into APIs, etc. the ability to have affordable and open source tools that are light and mobile is opening so many amazing opportunities to gather and work with data about our environment as well as ourselves. health isn’t just about internal states it is influenced by the external, and by monitoring environmental factors we can learn a lot.

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